Private Family Tours

My philosophy is a very simple one. This is your vacation, a special one because you are coming to Israel.

For some of you, this is your first trip to Israel. You have expectations; you are looking forward to fun, to inspiration, to education, to experiencing everything which our country has to offer.

It is incumbent on me to make this trip a memorable one; fun and entertaining, educational and edifying.

You have probably been told by friends and relatives that certain sites are a must, that you must do this or see that. Their advice must be taken seriously but... it is your vacation and your trip to Israel, not theirs.

On the one hand, I truly want your input. I want to get a feel for who you are and where your interests lie. Once I have that insight, I will propose a rough draft of an itinerary which will combine sites which you want to see with special (and possibly out of the way) places which I feel that you will enjoy. My philosophy is that you hire a tour guide to take you where you want to go but even more important, to take you to places which will be meaningful to you.

For some of you, this is “just” another trip to Israel. You have been here already and have a working knowledge of the country and its attractions. You have "been there" and "done that". My challenge is to accompany you to places which you haven't seen or provide a new or more meaningful perspective to sites which you have visited in the past but don't remember too well.

Once you agree to hire me, I will ask you to send a cash deposit in order to reserve your dates on my calendar. I will then work with you on an itinerary which will be a work in progress, only attaining its final form when you are here. From that point onwards, I am at your service, as a consultant and as a guide and to do whatever will make your trip a more successful one.