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Erev Rosh HaShana 5777

Dear Friends,

Hope that you are all well. Below you will find a description of an upcoming tiyul during the week after Sukkot. Please note the early bird price and deadline.

There may be a tiyul to Herodion during chol hamoed. If so, I will let you know within the next 48 hours.

Best wishes for a shana tova and a ketiva vachatima tova


New sites in the Upper Galilee

Tuesday - Wednesday, October 24th-25th

Just what you need after a few weeks of chagim!

We will spend two days in the upper Galilee and Golan, mostly visiting Biblical, second Temple, medieval and modern sites which we haven't yet visited.

We will stay at the beautiful Amirei HaGalil Hotel – a magnificent, boutique spa-hotel with a chef-restaurant (see their website at http://www.amirey-hagalil.com/en/) which will add a degree of comfort to our overnight stay.

The cost is 1,075 shekels per person (double occupancy) which includes transportation, guide, lodging, entrance fees, dinner on the first night, breakfast and a box lunch on the second day.

**Early bird price of 975 shekels for reservations made and paid for by September 25th.

****Please note that the price will drop by 100 shekels per person if more than 25 people attend.