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Archeology, Organic Agriculture

 and the "Birds and the Bees" in Bet She'an 

Thursday, November 23rd

This tiyul takes us to the warm Bet She'an Valley where we will visit the amazing, ancient city of Bet She'an whose monumental structures, destroyed in massive earthquakes, are still extant. The ancient tel and the cosmopolitan city whose population reached 40,000 in the Byzantine era will vie for our attention.

Our visit will also include the fascinating "bio-tour" in Kibbutz Sdei Eliyahu. This unique, religious kibbutz is among the world leaders in organic commercial agriculture and the ever expanding field of natural predators which replace dangerous chemical sprays used to protect crops from various pests.

8:30 AM – 6:30 PM

250 shekels

Kever Rachel and Me'arat Hamachpeila

Sunday, November 26th

This tiyul will reintroduce us to two of the main sites from the time of the Avot. We will visit kever Rachel where we will analyze the Biblical sources and the travel logs from the Middle Ages which deal with the actual burial site of Rachel. 

From there we will travel south to Hevron where we will visit the newly found monumental mikvaot and industrial sites from the late second Temple period until the Bar Kochva rebellion. Our tour will also include the ancient tel of Hevron along with Me'arat haMachpeila.

8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

200 shekels