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The New Upscale Neighborhood in Yerushalayim……

(in the 1920s)

Tuesday, October 15th

We will walk through ever-evolving Rechavia as we learn about this new, avant-garde 1920s neighborhood which was later associated with its "yekkish" population and its high percentage of doctors and professors.

We will focus on the ever-changing street names, the variety of shuls, famous yeshiva heads and rabbis, professors, generals, archeologists and other fascinating personalities who lived in what used to be the home of Yerushalayim's elite.

This tour will take place on Tuesday, the first day of chol hamoed Sukkot and is appropriate for people keeping two days of chag.

2:30 PM – 5:15 PM

140 shekels

p.s. To arrange payment, if you are keeping two days of chag, call me at 052-4228601


Three Crucial Eras in Yerushalayim's History

Friday, October 18th

We will walk through Yerushalayim's old city where 3,000 years of history will vie for our attention. With Tanach in hand, we will learn of the governmental crisis (yes, even then….), entangling political alliances and miraculous but unclear military victories in the time of King Hizkiyahu (late 8th century CE). We will also deal with Yerushalayim of the late second Bet Mikdash period, combing many Talmudic stories and references to the amazing archeological finds in the Herodian Quarter and the southwestern wall excavations.

Along the way, we will stop at a number of War of Independence sites.

9:30 AM – 1:00 PM

175 shekels

(price includes entrance fees)