Upcoming Tiyulim

Tanach Tiyulim




Gorgeous Golan and Galil, ancient synagogues and beautiful nature 

March 11-13th (Mon.-Wed.)

Join us for three wonderfully enjoyable and educational days, staying in a beautiful spa hotel in the mountains near Tzfat.

Our tour will deal with many important topics; from Biblical times, through the Roman Byzantine period (Talmudic times) to modern day Israel.

We will visit ancient synagogues, including some which existed in the time of the second Bet Mikdash, one which has recently been rebuilt almost identically to the original and some with "scandalous" mosaic floors. We will visit sites of crucial battles of Yom Kippur and the Six Day War, understanding the miraculous and heroic nature of our soldiers.

We will stay at the beautiful Amirei HaGalil spa hotel whose chef's restaurant will provide us with culinary delights as well.

The cost for this three day tiyul is 1,775 shekels per person (double occupancy) which includes transportation, guide, lodging, all entrance fees, dinner on both nights, breakfast on both days and a box lunch on the second and third days.

The early bird rate for reservations paid by January 1st is 1,650 shekels.

For the price of a single supplement or additional people in the room, please email or call.

In order to reserve, please send us an email that you want to participate and then send two checks (a 400 shekel per person, non-refundable deposit dated January 1st and the remainder dated March 1st) to Ezra Rosenfeld - POB 151 - Alon Shevut 90433.

Questions? Feel free to email or call me at 052-4228601

Look forward to seeing you!