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The response for the three day tiyul (details below) on June 17th exceeded my expectations and I am grateful to all of you for the vote of confidence.

The tiyul will more or less follow the plans of the tiyul which we had planned for right after Sukkot, with modifications made due to the security situation.

Although we don’t have any confidence that peace will reign in our land in mid-June, we are all hopeful that it will happen sooner rather than later. Because of the security  situation it is not possible to commit to an exact itinerary at this point but as I said in an earlier post, we will distance ourselves from dangerous areas and therefore this tiyul will probably stay away from the upper Galil and the northern Golan. At this point, I assume that we will visit Caesarea, Megiddo and Tzippori, Arbel, Sussita (not Sussya!)  all of which have  been upgraded in recent years, along with a number of other sites along the way.

We will stay in the beautiful Amirei Hagalil Hotel, many of whose rooms have been renovated in recent months.

Cost of the tiyul for paid reservations by May 22nd is 5,300 shekels per couple, assuming double occupancy. Reservations made after May 22nd will incur an additional 350 shekels per person. I prefer payment made by a bank transfer (my account is 20-454-159083 which translates to Bank Mizrachi, Efrat branch, Ezra Rosenfeld)  and I ask that you send me an email after you do the transfer.

The cost includes everything except for tips (to the hotel staff) which we will collect in cash on day two of the tiyul.

Needless to say, if there is a last minute emergency which requires cancelling the tiyul, I will do my best to make a full refund as I have done in the past.

If you are a single and are willing to share a room (I can try to give you a suite which will make you a bit more comfortable), please let me know.

Feel free to email, call or whatsapp me with any questions which you may have.




At this point, I would like to announce a 3 day tour to the Galil and Golan, which will take place a week after Sukkot (June 17th-19th). This tour will include some "new" sites, some which we haven't visited in a few years and some which have been upgraded since we were last there. We will spend the first day at two monumental sites, Megiddo and Tzippori, one Biblical and one from the Talmudic era. Both Megiddo and Tzippori were the most important cities of their time and the archeological remains which we will visit are world-class! 

The other two days will be spent in the eastern Galil and western Golan including the Arbel, the amazing Helenistic site of Susita and others.

We will stay in the beautiful Amirei Hagalil Hotel which you all have loved.

The "early bird price" (full payment by June 15th) of the tiyul is 2,650 shekels per person which includes lodging, meals from the first night until lunch on the 3rd day, bus, guide, entrance fees and all tips.

Kol tuv