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I hope that you are all safe, sane and physically well!


Monday, November 22nd

10 AM – 1 PM.

We will visit Herodion, the magnificent palace which Herod built in order to impress the most powerful people in the Roman world, where he was eventually buried, and which today is probably the most impressive archeological site in the country.

Uncovering Herodion's architecture, gorgeous frescos and other artwork, combined with the fascinating story of Herod's life and death, was the task to which the great Israeli archeologist Ehud Netzer z"l dedicated his life and where he too ended his life, a few dozen meters from the mausoleum of Herod the Great.

The site has been completely overhauled and preserved in recent years and the final product truly deserves an in-depth visit.

The tour will be limited to the first 25 people who register in order to ensure a quality, educational and enjoyable experience.

125 shekels

P.S. Transportation is by private cars. I will attempt to make shidduchim between people who drive and those who need a ride.


The amazing archeology collection in the

Israel Museum

Monday, December 13th

1 PM – 4 PM

The Israel Museum's warehouse, where they store artifacts which are not on display, would be a fantastic place to visit. Thousands of items from the times of the Avot, of Yehoshua, David and Shelomo HaMelech, late Bayit Rishon, Bayit Sheini, Bar Kochva etc. can be found there.

Well, I cannot take you there. But the archeology wing of the museum houses the "superstars" of Israeli archeology and we will spend an afternoon there.

Avodat HaShem and Avoda Zara, gorgeous mosaic floors, a first Temple period mikdash, ancient ostraca with some of the oldest Hebrew letters and words, Bar Kochva coins and so much more will vie for our attention.

The tour will be limited to the first 25 people who register in order to ensure a quality, educational and enjoyable experience.

120 shekels

(90 shekels if you are a member of the Museum)


Biblical archeology, gorgeous nature reserves, a jeep tour of the Ramon Crater and warmer weather in our two-day tiyul to the


January 18-19th

We will leave the winter weather behind us and travel south to the desert. This two-day tiyul will introduce us to the unique life styles of the desert and the relations between the border communities and the marauding desert tribes in Biblical (and modern) times.

We will visit the ancient Biblical cities of Tel Beer Sheva and Tel Arad, take a nature walk through the gorgeous Ovdat Nature Reserve, enjoy an unforgettable jeep tour of the Ramon Crater and delight in the ibexes which will greet us in Mitzpeh Ramon.

Cost: 1400 shekels per person. An "Early Bird" price of 1,300 shekels per person will be offered for reservations paid before November 8th.