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Hi everyone

Below you will find descriptions of the tiyulim which I am offering in April and May. They range from a chol hamoed walking tour in Yerushalayim to a three day tiyul to the north.

Please peruse the list and tell me which tiyulim you would like to attend. All of the tiyulim can be reserved without advance payment  except for the three day trip to the Galil and Golan which requires pre-payment.

I am in the process of switching over to the use of whatsapp for upcoming tiyulim so, if you would like to receive updates, please send me your cell phone number if you have not already done so.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon. Feel free to email or call if you have questions or need clarifications.





Sunday, April 17th

a chol hamoed walking tour

We all know the neighborhood of Rechavia and some of us live there. But who knows how, why and when it started? Which VIPs were born there?  When did the "Yekkes" arrive and why were there two "Yekkish" shuls there?? Where is the "giraffe" playground and what used to be there? What was  supposed to be on the site of the Gymnasium High School and why, in a neighborhood whose streets are (almost) all named for North African,  Spanish and Provencal rabbis, are there streets named for Menachem Usishkin, Chaim Arlozorov (and who were they?) and the Keren Kayemet?

All this and more as we walk through the shaded streets of what used to be Yerushalayim's most exclusive area.

11:00 – 14:00

120 shekels


Har Herzl

to whom are we eternally indebted?

Monday, April 25th

As we approach Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzmaut, we will learn about and visit the resting sites of those who enable us to celebrate.

Thousands of people are buried at Har Herzl, including the famous. Yes, we will visit the famous. But we go to visit Har Herzl for another reason. We will stand beside those who died so that we could realize the 2,000 year old dream of living in a Jewish State-- to hear stories of their sacrifice and heroism, and to feel the awe of meeting those who helped to create our modern nation and subsequently defend it.

If you want to feel what it means to return to Israel after nearly two thousand years of exile, this is where you start.

This tour will be limited to the first 20 people who register.

10:00 – 13:00

120 shekels


Gorgeous Galil and Golan

Ancient Synagogues and Beautiful Nature

Monday – Wednesday, May 9th - 11th

After a hiatus of almost a year, I am again offering the basic Golan-Galil tour which will take place in early May. This tiyul is completely different from the "follow-up" tiyul which took place in October.

Our tour will deal with many important topics; ranging from Biblical times, through the Roman Byzantine period (Talmudic times) to modern day Israel. Among many other sites, we will drive through the Jordan Valley from the Jordan River to Bet Shean, visit and understand the synagogue in Umm El Kanatir, rebuilt exactly the way it was when destroyed by an earthquake in 749, deal with the events of the Yom Kippur War in the Golan and be amazed by the recently discovered site of Usha in the Galil, where we will be guided by the archeologist who has been digging there.

We will stay at the beautiful Amirei HaGalil spa hotel whose chef's restaurant will provide us with culinary delights as well.

The price of this three day tiyul is 2,050 shekels per person (double occupancy) which includes transportation, guide, lodging, all entrance fees, dinner on both nights, breakfast on both days and a box lunch on the second and third days. Tips (driver, waiter etc.) are not included.

The early bird rate for reservations paid by 15.3.2022 is 1,950 shekels per person.

For the price of a single supplement please email or call.

To make your reservation, you must transfer funds to my account (20-454-159083, Mizrachi Bank, Alon Shevut branch, Ezra Rosenfeld) and send me a copy of the transaction.

Questions? Feel free to call (052-4228601) or email.



Tuesday, May 17th

We will visit Herodion, the magnificent fortress/palace which Herod built in order to impress the most powerful people in the Roman world; where he was eventually buried, and which today is probably the most impressive archeological site in the country.

Uncovering Herodion's architecture, gorgeous frescos and other artwork, combined with the fascinating story of Herod's life and death, was the task to which the great Israeli archeologist Ehud Netzer z"l dedicated his life and where he too ended his life, a few dozen meters from the mausoleum of Herod the Great.

The tour will be limited to the first 25 people who register in order to ensure a quality, educational and enjoyable experience.

10 AM – 1 PM.

125 shekels

P.S. Transportation is by private cars. I will attempt to arrange "shidduchim" between people who drive and those who need a ride.


Two eye-opening sites in the

Judean lowlands

Tel Gezer and Khirbet Kayafa

Wednesday, June 1st

Join us on our visit to the monumental city of Gezer, one of the least publicized but most important cities in Israel in Biblical times.

We will be amazed by the massive walls of the Canaanite city, the unusual gate built by Shlomo HaMelech, the ancient water system and the early written texts which were found in this city, one of the most important cities in ancient Israel.

We will continue to Khirbet Kayafa (Qeiyafa) arguably the most important Biblical archeological site discovered in the past few decades. Discovered in 2006 by Professor Yossi Garfinkle of Hebrew University, it has provoked great controversy and provided scientific and archeological evidence which prove the existence of a strong, central monarchy in the center of the country in the 10th century BCE, the time of David HaMelech.

9:00 – 17:00

220 shekels