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Dear all,

I hope that you are all well, healthy and still sane.

Due to cancellations we have a few spaces left on this tiyul which promises to be beautiful, edeucational. edifiying, fun and completely safe! 

If you are interested feel free to call me at 052-4228601


Galil/Golan Tiyul

After these difficult months we all deserve a break!

Our three day tiyul to the Galil and Golan  has been rescheduled for September 7th- 9th and will be limited in number to ensure health considerations (which will hopefully no longer be necessary).

Here are the relevant details:

We will leave Jerusalem at 8:30 AM on Monday and return at about 8 PM on Wednesday. We will leave from and return to Jerusalem. The meeting place will be the OU Israel Center on 22 Keren Hayesod St.

We will stay at the beautiful Amirei Hagalil spa boutique hotel. The hotel has a chef's restaurant in the dining room for dinner and an excellent breakfast. Box lunches will be provided for the second and third days. Clients who have stayed there in the past have raved about the hotel and the food.

The itinerary, at present, (there will probably be some minor changes) will include: Sites in the Jordan Valley, the ancient town of Chamat Teverya with its spectacular and "scandalous" mosaic floor, the Biblical, Roman and Byzantine city of Bet Shean,  the second Temple period city of Migdal, the ancient synagogue at Korazim, the anonymous town in the Golan whose ancient shul has been rebuilt exactly as it was when destroyed  by an earthquake in the 8th century, a tour and tasting at the Golan winery, the important Galilean cities in the time of the Mishna (including a recent archeological site which was the home of the Sanhedrin soon after the Bar Kochva rebellion. We will be guided there by the archeologist who dug there!), waterfalls, gorgeous landscapes and much more. Our focus will be on the periods of Yehoshua, late second Bet Mikdash and life in Eretz Yisrael in the time of the Mishna and Gemara.

The cost of the tiyul is 1,975 shekels per person, assuming double occupancy.  The cost of single occupancy is 2,875 shekels. The cost includes (a wonderful…) guide, transportation on a full sized bus, 5 star lodging, excellent food and all entrance fees.

Tips (driver and waiters) are not included.

The number of vacancies is limited and we will treat all reservations on a first come, first served basis.

Feel free to email or call me with questions.