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With great gratitude to the "Rofei Cholim" (and to my surgeon and physiotherapist), I am slowly returning to guiding after hip replacement surgery and I have a pretty full slate of private tours scheduled for the next few months.

At this point, I would like to announce a 3 day tour to the Galil and Golan, which will take place a week after Sukkot (October 10-12). This tour will include some "new" sites, some which we haven't visited in a few years and some which have been upgraded since we were last there. We will spend the first day at two monumental sites, Megiddo and Tzippori, one Biblical and one from the Talmudic era. Both Megiddo and Tzippori were the most important cities of their time and the archeological remains which we will visit are world-class! 

The other two days will be spent in the eastern Galil and western Golan including the Arbel, the amazing Helenistic site of Susita and others.

We will stay in the beautiful Amirei Hagalil Hotel which you all have loved.

The "early bird price" (full payment by June 15th) of the tiyul is 2,650 shekels per person which includes lodging, meals from the first night until lunch on the 3rd day, bus, guide, entrance fees and all tips. The price for payment received after June 15th is 2,800 per person.

Payment is fully refundable until 30 days before the tiyul. If you must cancel within 30 days, I will do my best to maximize the refund although I cannot commit to refunding the entire amount. 

Kol tuv