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Yerushalayim Under Sieges

Thursday, April 25th

This walking tour will introduce us to two critical but radically different periods in the history of Yerushalayim. We will examine the realities of the population at these two times and suggest connections between the people's spiritual level and the geo-political dangers of the times.

10 AM – 1 PM

120 shekels


A Visit to Har Herzl

Or who are the real "Gedolei HaUmma" ?

Monday, April 29th

As we approach Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzmaut, we will learn about and revisit the resting sites of those who enable us to celebrate.

Thousands of people are buried at Har Herzl, including the famous. Yes, we will visit the famous, but our main interest will be completely different. We will stand beside those who gave their lives so that we could realize the 2,000 year old dream of living in a Jewish State - to hear stories of their sacrifice and heroism, and to feel the awe of meeting those who helped to create our modern nation and continue to defend it. 

If you want to appreciate the cost of our return to Israel after two thousand years of exile and pay tribute to those heroes, this is where you start.

2:30 PM – 6 PM

120 shekels


A beautiful two day tiyul to

Caeserea, Tzfat and the northwestern Galil

and snow which fell there in the month of Sivan….

Monday and Tuesday, June 17th-18th

This tiyul will introduce us to the monumental city of Caeserea, Herod's "other" major building project, the seat of the Roman leadership in the late Bayit Sheini (Second Temple) period, where Rabi Akiva was judged and put to death, where the religious leadership permitted, for the first time, "paintings on the wall" = frescoes) and where every modern house has a private pool.

From Caseserea we will continue to the World Heritage site of Bet Shearim, the most prestigious international Jewish cemetery. There we will visit the caves and dwell on the persona, life, last will and funeral of Rabi Yehuda Hanasi, arguably the most powerful Jew (and least known…) in history.

Our second day will begin in Tzfat where we will focus mainly on the lives of Rabi Yosef Karo z"l and the Ari z"l, getting a deep understanding of the amazing spiritual community that they created in Tzfat.

We will then travel west where we will visit a monumental 1600 year old shul and continue to the northwestern corner of Israel where we will explore important (and beautiful) sites which played a critical role in the battle for our Independence. We will return to Jerusalem towards evening.

We will stay in the beautiful Amireri Hagalil spa hotel, already loved by many of our regular clients.

Cost (double occupancy): 

The price of this tiyul is 1,325 shekels which includes transportation, guide, hotel (3 meals) and all entrance fees. The "early bird" price for reservations made and paid by April 15th is 1,250 shekels.