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Below you will find the description of tours which we are offering during the month of July.

Feel free to recommend these tours to friends or relatives who will be here in the coming weeks.

Please note that there are 5 places left on our trip to Petra which will take place after Sukkot. For more information feel free to call 052-4228601 (from the USA 718-928-6597) or email tanachtiyulim@gmail.com

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Yerushalayim on the Eve of 3 Destructions

Sunday, July 8th

We will focus on the city of Yerushalayim towards the end of the first Temple period, its near destruction in the 8th century BCEm its destruction a century later and the last generations of the second Temple period. With Tanach (and other sources) in hand we will begin from the monarchial cemetery outside the city, understand the city's growth, follow the dialogue between the prophet Yishayahu and King Hizkiyahu, be horrified at the prophecy of Yirmiyau and witness the wealth of Jews in the late Bayit Sheini period.

This walking tour, a week after 17 B'Tammuz, will enable us to understand the events, societal issues and religious problems faced by the leadership and mass population during those troubled times.

There will be a break for lunch in the Jewish Quarter.

9:30 AM – 3:30 PM

160 shekels

In the Footsteps of the Sanhedrin

Tuesday, July 10th

This tiyul will focus on the Sanhedrin. When and where was it established? Was it related to the Knesset HaGedola? And where was that established? Where did it meet?

Our tiyul will take us to two of the main Sanhedrin sites, to Bet She'arim and Tzippori. We will read and analyze many of the stories concerning Rabi Yehuda Hanasi, visit his home town and spend most of our time in the city where he spent his last 10-20 years. His relationship with the Roman leadership and, on the other hand, with some of the more extreme rabbis, will be discussed.

The beauty of Tzippori, with its amazing mosaic floors, will also occupy us as we understand the place of "modern" art in the world of the rabbis of the Talmudic period.

8:30 AM – 6:30 PM

250 shekels

**This tiyul will only take place if more than 15 people register.