Our “Rave Reviews”

Thank you very much for a superbly guided and narrated tour yesterday!

I hope that we can do this many more times in the future. The students, myself included (!) found your pace, perspective and warm personality both engaging and pedagogically extremely beneficial, so thank you so very much!


Montreal, CA (July 2019) 


Hi Ezra. Thank you again for an amazing day on Thursday. 

Just wanted to share - because of our tour and the information u taught us, I understand something in Kabbalat Shabbat I never understood before. 

In lecha dodi, we daven for the ultimate geula, when J’lem will rise from the dust, wear the glory of her people, etc. 

And we say ונבנתה עיר על תלה!

In the end of days with the final geula, the everlasting city of J’lem and Zion will be built and it’ll be the final civilization upon all previous ones. Hence, let the city of Hashem be built upon the תל!

Amazing. Thank you!! 


Woodmere, NY (June 2019)


Thank you so much Ezra!!!  

The tour with you was really awesome!  We visited so many places they started blending in my head.  We really learned so much from you and really enjoyed meeting your family on the kibbutz.  We tell everyone about being where Avraham stood.  And my kids can't stop talking about the hotel and the hot apple cider!

Also, I know finding the minyan was at times difficult and I know it cut into some of the places you wanted to take us.  Thank you so much for making it happen.  And lol those were memorable experiences on their own.

We look forward to touring with you again!


Brooklyn, NY (January 2019)


We are finally back home and want to let you know how much we enjoyed our time with you on Har Hertzl earlier this month.  Your knowledge, commitment, devotion and passion for the place, the cause and Eretz Yisrael moved us and left a deep impression.  Thanks you for sharing with us and for enriching our time there.  

Warmest regards,


Baltimore (June 2018) 


Ezra shavua tov!

Thanks a lot! Was a great trip! best hotel ever. Your amazing knowledge! great organization and timing! beautiful lunchtime site!


October 2017 


Hello Ezra,

This was my first two day tiyul and I liked it a lot. For me, the most exciting part was the connection between then, whenever that was, and now. Good atmosphere in the group and it was an excellent idea to include a really nice hotel.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm.

Best wishes,


New York (July 2017)


I had been meaning to write since we got home but only now getting to it. Just wanted to say thanks for planning and executing just the sort of tiyul we were looking for for my dad. The pace was right, it was interesting and highly informative (for Amy and me too, not just for my dad) and fun. Thank you. 


Riverdale, NY (October 2016)


Hi Ezra!  Nice to hear from you.

Chris and I are finally settling back into our routines after returning home from a whirlwind trip.  We’ve thought of the time we spent in Israel often and fondly.  You were such an important part of making our maiden trip there so meaningful and memorable.  Thank you for all of your time, your efforts and your deep knowledge of and love for your country.  We had an amazing time, and look forward to returning again as soon as we can.

Thank you again for everything.  We truly appreciate it.


Washington DC (September 2015)


Thank you so much. We had a terrific time. When we initially thought about what we wanted to do we thought of the usual sites that everyone goes to. We are so happy that we took your lead. The places we went to gave us an incredible appreciation for Eretz Yisrael, the land, the people and our religion. We look forward to returning and touring with you again. I will strongly recommend your expertise to any one in need of a guide. 


April 2015


Shalom Ezra!

Thanks for the great trip!

I appreciated your “ongoing monologue”. To me it meant that you were giving us the most that you had… no shortcuts for you. Kol Ha kavod!

My husband pointed out to me that the ibex horns are mentioned in a mishna in Shabbos. There is no חשש  of small bugs in the antlers because they knock them against each other and the bugs fall out as we saw on that grassy traffic circle.

The group was very congenial and you made “it work” for the different levels of ability and agility in the physical as well as the area of knowledge.

I also enjoyed the kibbutz guest house… the pool, the outdoor sitting areas for schmoozing and early morning davening. It made the trip a real vacation and not just a learning experience.

Looking forward to more trips in the future.


Brooklyn, NY (2014) 


I’d like to personally thank you on behalf of my wife and myself for an extremely interesting, well organized and enjoyable two days despite the fact that my back went out.  By the way I am much better today.

I truly appreciate the concern that you showed for me during the trip.  Also I’d like to acknowledge the professionalism of Meir the driver and thank him, as well, for his concern for me during the trip.

By the way you forgot one main highlight of the trip and that is ---- the Ibex show at the Kikar.  I thought that you arranged that especially for our group.


Bet Shemesh (2014)